Sunday, December 11, 2005

Welcome to InnerartBlog

InnerartBlog is a new addition to the website. Long-time readers may remember that we used to carry a Guest Book that allowed anyone to make any comments they felt like leaving. Things worked well for a long time, several years, but then the automated spam bots found us and that pretty much ruined the entire guestbook by overloading us with unwanted spam ads.
Now, I am trying this blog to see if it will work better. One thing it does is keep the postings open to "real" people by using a "word recognition" system. I'm told the automated mailers can't read those funny-looking words, but us, ordinary folks can. So, I'm willing to give it a try.
I am a bit of a newbie to the blogosphere but hope you will indulge me during my learning phase, and I will gladly accept hints or other offers of help. Besides, my younger sons insist that I keep up with the 21st century, and we'll see where this experiment goes.
Please don't be shy or hesitant to post your comments or ideas and maybe we can start a lively dialog.
charlie einhorn
innerart editor


Adam Einhorn said...

Hi Dad, this is your son Adam. I'm testing out your comments system.

charbits said...

Well, so far this thing works

Rick Wamer said...

Hi Charlie, hope you are very well these days. Thanks for posting our School for Mime info for this summer on your site. Unfortunately, Nick made a typo in the brochure the information has come from. My phone number is wrong. The actual number should be 520-990-7425. Thanks for changing it when you get a chance.

Also, would you like to do a blog feature on the school and our activities, the youth mentorship program, etc.?

Would be lovely!

Current web sites:

Will we see you this summer?

Rick Wamer