Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ACME Art Co, January 06 calendar

January 2006 Schedule
POOMA every Wednesday! features Columbus artists: Jason Branscum (Trombone), Derek DiCenzo (Guitar), Rob Smeets (Guitar), Steve Purcell (Drums)
January Performances
TUES, 1/17 (9 PM): The Receiver, Boatzz (Cleveland), YourHighnessElectric (Louisville), The Slide Machine ∞ EXPERIMENTAL
FRI, 1/27 (8 PM): Mystic Syntax, Plagued On Earth, Caje, Pain Awaiting ∞ METAL
SUN, 1/29 (9 PM): Mazinga Phaser II (Dallas) ∞ EXPERIMENTAL

From: Melesa Klosek, 1230 Courtland Avenue ,Columbus Ohio 43201-2829 USA, 614.299.0296, mel@acmeartco.org

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