Thursday, January 19, 2006

ACME January/February 2006 Events

18 January 2006
1230 Courtland Avenue Columbus Ohio 43201-2829 USA
Phone: 614-299.0296 Fax: 614-268-4396 E-mail:
*Courtland Avenue is located one street east of High Street off of 5th Avenue
CONTACT: Melesa Klosek 614.2990296

January/February 2006 Schedule
Acme Art Company is pleased to announce the following performances for the months of January and February. More details may be obtained on the website at or email: or dial at 614.299.0296

WED, 1/25 (9 PM): ACME ART COMPANY is hosting POOMA every Wednesday! The group, specializing in avant jazz, features the following talented Columbus artists: Jason Branscum (Trombone), Derek DiCenzo (Guitar), Rob Smeets (Guitar), Steve Purcell (Drums)

FRI, 1/27 (8 PM): Mystic Syntax, Plagued On Earth, Caje, Pain Awaiting ∞ METAL $5 over 21 and $7 for under 21

SUN, 1/29 (9 PM): Mazinga Phaser II (Dallas) ∞ EXPERIMENTAL

THURS, 2/2 (6 PM—8 PM) Avalon Nine Features Columbus area musicians Linda Blaine and Dave Clutter with acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, and an eclectic song list that draws from American and Canadian alternative folk and soft-rock songwriters.
AND (At 9 PM) Dave Nelson’s Vibe Quartet (FROM BEBOP TO HIP HOP FROM LATIN TO TRANS) featuring Dave Nelson on guitar, Steve Percell (drums), Brian Olsheski (sax) and Nate Smith (bass) $5 over 21 and $7 for under 21

FRI, 2/3 (9 PM) MC Vagina Tour, The Hardees, KeepHonkingImReloading ∞ EXPERIMENTAL

Acme Art Company is currently booking rehearsal space for performers and musicians at its space.
Acme Art Company is seeking installation artists/filmmakers/spoken word/poets/workshops/lectures to create environments in its 9000 square feet space.
Acme Art Company’s gallery space is currently under construction.
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday from 6 PM – 9 PM


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An Ohio expatriate in the Catskill Mountains celebrates the arts in Phoenicia, NY, in the Art Upstairs Gallery on Main St. ( and invites everyone connected with Artbits and the Monkeys Retreat to participate. Peace, Love, Freedom and Happiness. PS. You can see Babytoes Clothing there too :)

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