Tuesday, February 21, 2006

School for Mime Theatre 2006 Summer Seminar at Kenyon College

The 2006 session of the School for Mime Theatre, at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio runs June 26 through July 7. The youth seminar is scheduled for June 12-22.

Inspired to foster the development and strenghtening of the skills necessary to create solo and ensemble mime and physical theatre, the School for Mime Theatre faculty invites you to attend the 27th annual summer seminar on the campus of Kenyon College, in Gambier Ohio.

Faculty: C. Nicholas Johnson, Rick Wamer, Lorie Heald, Stephen Chipps and Dan Griffiths.
Tuition: One week, $500; two weeks, $900. (Fees include tuition amd housing)

C. Nicholas Johnson, 316 686 3640, alitheacreations@cox.net
Rick Wamer, 520 990 5425, ricgeocaps@msn.com


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