Sunday, March 05, 2006

Friends from upstate NY drop in for a visit

Our good friends Allen and Lynn Fliegel, from Phoenicia, NY, dropped in for the weekend and we enjoyed a great gathering of friends. In addition to my wife, L ynn Stan, we were joined by brotheres Darryl and Ro-z Mendelson and Stan Bobrof (owners of Monkeys Retreat)
Alen and Lynn are part of the Phoenicia art co-op (see entry below). They live in Phoenicia, (close to Woodstock), surrounded by loads of expatriate artists who've escaped the maddness of the big city and wonderfull, scenic woods, streams and mountain tops. They make a living as craftspeople selling clothes they make, dye and paint, traveling the grueling schedule of shows. Please visit their website:

Lori, Lynn Fliegel, Lynn Stan

Allen and Lynn Stan

Darryl and Allen

Stan and Ro-z


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