Saturday, March 04, 2006

Short North Gallery opening

I attended an opening of "Wood" at the Lindsay Gallery, in the Short North, last evening. The gallery specializes in "outsider art", also called primitive art, mostly represented by self-thaught, non-academic artists, generally working on found resources like scraps of wood or cardboard. Columbus seems to be a general focus for such art, having generated such notable outsider artists like Elijah Pierce, Hawkins and Smoky Brown among several.

LT and Chrisare two good buddies who caled me earlier that evening to invite me to the opening.
Artist Tim Hitchcock, from Annapolis, Maryland, seen here in front of some of his creations on display at the gallery

Gallery owner Duff Lindsay shows Chris Steele some works in his extensive collection.

Meanwhile, just down the street at the Camelot Cerllars Winery, Kim Elliot, doing her best Vana White imitation, was displaying her fantastic, visionary contemporary paintings

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