Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Harry Wozniak & Gail Larned Exchange Art

Columbus painter Harry Wozniak has for a long time - ever since he and his wife Karen first moved to Olde Towne East in Columbus almost a decade ago - admired the wonderful fiber sculptures created by Gail Larned, one of the first neighbors the couple met in Columbus. Gail was equally taken by Harry's wildly colorful paintings. Harry's imagery borrows heavily from cubism and surrealism blended in a unique, strongly personal style.

After a while, the new neighbors settled in the old 'hood and made friends. Harry and Caren who had lived many years in Buffalo, NY, needed a change of scenery and picked Columbus, almost by randomn, and this neighborhood just looked and felt right. To their delight, once there they encountered lots of like-minded artsy types and folks involved in old home rehab.

Both artist recently expressed how they would love to own a piece of art created for them by each other. They both did just that; and then decided to formalize that exchange with a private opening/unveiling of each art piece. Close friends were invited to attend the unusual art event that started at the Wozniak home, where Gail's "Bleeding Hearts" was unveiled on te dining room wall. The party then proceded to the LarnedMarlow residence where Harry's portrait of that house was also introduced, prominently displayed in the dinng room.

Harry greets the invited guests.

In the Larned Marlow dining room, Harry stands next to Gail who has just unveiled "Larned Marlow House", or as Gail prefers to call it affectionally, "our house on acid".

"Bleeding Hearts" a fiber wall-hanging is Gail's gift to the Wozniaks.

A closer look at House.

Karen and Harry Wozniak and Gail Larned express their mutual gratitude and admiration.

Applause for the unveiled art works.

A wonderful red hot pepper painted by Harry makes a striking image in the Wozniak kitchen.

This unfinished work on an easel in Harry's studio is a portrait of his grandparents.

Gail and Eric, her husband - who is a fine sculptor, jeweler, painter and graphic designer - all duded up for the celebration.

Neighbors and friends Holly Parkerson and Candy Watkins flanking Gail, sharing a laugh in Harry's studio.

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Julie said...

Harry and Karen are my parents. I have met both Charlie and Gail at one of my parents shin digs. I'm always suprised how creative they both are. Harry always wow's Ali (my partner) and myself with his newest piece(s) and Mom in the garden. Congrats to both couples on their successful exchange.