Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last week for Acme Art @ 1230 Courtland Ave

In an effort to squelch rumors abounding, we here at Acme Art wanted
to let you know that Acme Art is not closing, but simply moving
AGAIN. Please support Acme Art Company by coming to an event this
week. Check the calendar at for this week's

We will let you know where Acme Art is going as soon as we know. The
last day at 1230 Courtland will be May 1, 2006.

As noted on the Web site, some programming has already moved to other
venues (MANY, many thanks to these venues!), but otherwise programming
will go on as scheduled - just at a new address. Stay tuned.

Your support of Acme Art Company is greatly needed since it is a
community space funded by the community. The mission is to entertain
and explore your five senses by showcasing Columbus' diverse
community. Membership/donations are accepted via Paypal on the home
page of Acme's Web site. Acme Art does not go after corporate support
and is currently not applicable for grants due to the lack of
"stability". This happens when you have to move twice in one year!
Acme Art is completely volunteer run. If you would like to volunteer,
please email us and let us know.

Please email us back at if you have any questions or comments.

With much respect, Acme Art Company's Board of Trustees and Advisers

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