Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Angsto The Clown says his piece!

Angsto the Clown was a controversial character who offerred maniacal rants and raves on public access chanel 21 about ten years ago (remember when we used to have FREE access public TV in Columbus? Why don't we have it now?). He now resides in LA, CA where he drives the famous, near famous and wannabe famous around in his hired limo. He also, on occasion, sends us musings/rants about what really bothers him. We don't always agree with him, but here is his latest:

"Ever check to see what port scan attempts are being made on your computer? Most folks don't even realize what a firewall does or if its actually operating and just blithely surf and send email. Most port attempts are just internet babble, advertisements being sent out and such. Some however are a bit more sinister. Take a recent scan that came from halhoupro1.halliburton.com, [] Now what is HALLIBURTON doing scanning my computer? Trying to update me on their stock options, none of which I hold? Dutifully telling me about their proud service to us in Iraq? [see their press statements link below] Or perhaps scanning the public to see who is badmouthing them or who has embarrassing information about Halliburton and subsidiaries on their computers. Its an easy hack to see EVERYTHING on someone's computer once you're past a flimsy firewall. Its just as easy to plant nasty trojan horses and viruses as well. Forgive me for being suspicious about a wonderful corporation like Halliburton, who's CEO made over a half billion dollars in salary last year alone, [one of Cheney's hunting buddies] and who are raking in BILLIONS in corporate profit after being a small, failed company in near bankruptcy before Cheney joined them and the Iraq invasion took place.

Another twisted port probe has been coming in droves to my firewall from the good Bishop and priests at baron.davenportdiocese.org, [ among other source DNS]. Harmless internet traffic? Until I went to the Diocese website and looked deeper it would seem so, hmm? There on the home page is the Bishop announcing his resignation above links that eventually take you to the Diocese declaring bankruptcy and their new sexual activity policies concerning raping children [in softer terms of course]. Yet another branch of my former Church [ a proud non-believer now due in large part to this kind of sinister evil] getting caught raping children and then protecting not the children but the RAPIST PRIESTS. They are no doubt declaring bankruptcy to protect their money and not their flock from the deluge of lawsuits that are sweeping the Church. Capitalize church and it refers to the corporate monster and not the expensive, grand buildings they use for ritual sacrifice to fleece the flock. Blood drinking and cannibalism you know.

Paranoia on my part or just curiosity and a bit of research that opens up all kinds of frightening and sinister doors? We are a doomed species, as I've said before. Forgive me my pessimism."
Howard Luken aka Angsto the Clown


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