Friday, November 03, 2006

"Swing State Ohio the Movie" premiers on Sunday, November 5, at Drexel Gateway

Set during the final 30 days of the 2004 Presidential elections, Swing State Ohio explores the varied factors that account for the outcome of the 2004 Presidential Elections.

My friend Don Ruben, who volunteered services as an attorney observing the fairness of that election, and was interviewed for the film, sent the following invitation to a premiere of the documentary:

"Charlie- Please go to web site: . this documentatry will be coming to Columbus this Sunday, Nov. 5th at 3:30 at Drexel Gateway. There will be a panel discussion with Herb Asher, one of the filmmakers, and myself as a volunteer lawyer for Election Protection.

I am interviewed some in the movie and there are scenes of short north and the Tavern. A fellow EP lawyer saw the premier in DC and said it is really interesting and insightful . I won't say how he characterized me and leave that up to some non DC folks."

View clips:

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