Thursday, March 08, 2007

Call For Submission - Outsider Art

Harry Farkas sent me this notice about a call for artists for an Outsider Art exhibit scheduled this coming July. He got it from his good friend Mary Urbas, gallery director at Lakeland Community College Art Gallery

Gallery 324

The Galleria at Erieview

1301 East Ninth Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

July 14 – 28, 2007

Opening reception Saturday July 14 6-8 pm

Deadline: March 31, 2007

We’re interested in submissions of

1. Folk Art - the arts that are taught from the crade within a living tradition. The artists in this category carry on traditions passed on to them in their community or family such as quilting styles, embroidery, painting styles (like on furniture or house murals).

2. Outsider Art - also called self-taught art. This is art produced by the individual who has not received any art training and has been more or less called into producing art by an inner need or compulsion.

3. Psychiatric Art - This is the art that has been produced mostly at institutions or by art therapists or individual psychologists or psychiatrists notable for its authenticity and richness of expression.

4. Art Brut - started by the Jean Dubuffet to both describe his art and to establish a label for much of the art which he collected and exhibited. It is characterized by a rawness and a primitive expressiveness.

If you think your work falls into one of these categories, please send 3-5 jpgs, one picture per piece of work, with a short artist’s bio, with “outsider art” in the subject line, to:

Deadline: March 31, 2007


Rebecca Grantham said...

Hii, just came across your site innerart, I tried to submit my info but it's showing an error.

it's good to see an Oh blog and site .
I'd still like to exchange links;)

Anonymous said...

I need some help. I sent jpegs and a bio long before the deadline. I was never given any info on when the marks would be making their final decision. I have e-mailed them numerous times but have gotten no replies. I would love ot be in the show but have a possible opportunity to be somewhere else on the same date as the show. Does anyone if they have already made their final decisions, or if not when are they planning to do so? Thanks