Thursday, March 01, 2007

steve ben israel presents: nonviolent executions

Going to New York City for the weekend? Catch Steve's act! -charlie
DATE: March 2

TIME: 8pm

LOCATION: Puffin Room 435 Broome, east of BWAY

FEE: $15/10 sliding scale

Steve Ben Israel was a long time member of the Living Theater and worked with the company from the early sixties to the late seventies.

He performed in their seminal works, including "The Brig, Frankenstein, Mysteries, and Paradise Now". He has toured throughout Europe, America, North Africa, and even escaped from Brazil when The Living Theater was held prisoner there. He then worked to free them and the group returned to bring their work back to the States.

His background is in Jazz, the stand up comedy scene of the New York Greenwich village renaissance of the fifties with Bill Cosby and Bob Dylan, and the Living Theater's world travels.

He currently lives in downtown NYC where he "holds séances to contact the living" and does a one man show that fuses all of these influences called "Non Violent Executions"

This info was submitted by my pal Stan who received it from Baba, Steve's son, Baba is a hip hop DJ who performs and records in and around New York city. Check out their cool website:

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tina said...

Gosh, I love that: "seances to contact the living."

I sometimes think my coworkers are among the living dead . . .