Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ron Anderson Studio Tapes on Youtube

Columbus artist Ron Anderson sent the following invitation to see one of his 3 youtube videos that were taped in his studio. This appears to be the beginning of an interesting artist's video blog.

Ron is not only a talented expressive painter whose style is unique and powerful, and his imagery is very dynamic.
We also learn that Ron often paints to the music of the legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. N
ice Davis cuts compliment his videos.

How cool is that? Enjoy.


"The link I am sending you is to a short video of me talking about my oil paintings. This was filmed inside my art studio. I will add additional clips as I have the time, on my exhibits, my artwork, and other arts related topics.
I hope that you find the material informative, and interesting to view !
Ron Anderson"

More info? send email to:

or visit his website:

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