Monday, February 25, 2008

Tom Radca & Brenda McMahon Pottery Weekend in North Ohio rustic studio/Barn

Nationally known artists Tom Raca and Brenda McMahon invite a select group of ceramic artists, ranging from polished and established to emerging and wanabees, to experience a unique weekend of intensive hands-on ceramic techniques, taught in a serenely beautiful section of Northern Ohio farmland surrounded by woods and rolling hills.

The instructions take place in the barn/studio, near the horse stalls, and the large walk-in kilns.
Delicious informal meals, served throughout the weekend, generate stimulating conversations that inevitably create unique bonds of camaraderie among all participant

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Polished & Poetic

Throwing Large Platters & Saggar Firing

At the Studios of:

Tom Radca & Brenda McMahon

Port Washington, OH 43837.
740.498.4303 or 518.796.4207 or or

Throwing Large Platters & Saggar Firing Workshop

2 full days - demonstration & hands on firing intensive - $275

Date: May 17 & 18, 2008 (Sat & Sun) 10 – 5pm

Bring 1 – 3 small pots to include in the saggar firing.

This 2-day demonstration and firing intensive workshop is open to potters of all
skill levels from beginner to advanced. We will have 2 components to the weekend.

1. Throwing Large.
How much clay can you comfortably center at once? Is it 4lbs, 6lbs or 10lbs? Whatever you can comfortably center, Tom will teach you how to double and triple the amount of clay you can center and give you techniques on throwing that clay. Large and Loose is relative. If you throw 4 or 6lbs comfortably, learn to throw 12 in just one day. If you throw 12lbs comfortably, you’re ready to jump up to 24lbs. Tom regularly centers and throws 36lbs of clay, resulting is his dynamic 30” diameter platters. Throwing Large is for everyone – and we all know sometimes size does matter.

2. Polished & Poetic.
Brenda’s throwing, burnishing and saggar firing is about refinement and surface texture. Saggar firing is a contemporary pitfire process whereby Brenda uses natural materials, mineral salts and the chemistry of art and fire to create soft blushes on her burnished vessels. In this firing intensive section of the workshop, you will learn the philosophy and technique of saggar firing and how to build and fire a saggar kiln. Each participant is welcome to put 1 to 3 of his or her own pieces in the firing. Brenda gives throwing demonstrations, surface treatment, including burnishing & terra-sig as well as finishing techniques on the final saggar pieces. Please bring 1-3 small bisque fired pots to put in the saggar kiln.

Cost of the weekend is $275. Affordable housing options are available.
More info?
740.498.4303 or 518.796.4207 or or

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