Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mark Berger attends Superstar, a tribute to Andy Warhol at the Chop Chop Gallery

This event took place on 15 Nov 2008, the event was very well attended and thought this info might be of interest for your Blog.

“SUPERSTAR” is an exhibition celebrating key figures of the Andy Warhol Factory from the 1960's and early 1970's. With great excitement we bring these artists to Columbus to share their experiences and hear their stories. The “SUPERSTAR” evening will consist of a multimedia exhibition of past and current work, performances, and a sure-to-be lively panel discussion. Please join us to view the work of these Warhol collaborators and celebrate their visit to Columbus.

Holly Woodlawn is a transsexual actor and was a key figure in Warhol's Factory during the early 1970's. Born in Puerto Rico, Woodlawn arrived on the NYC scene and was immortalized in Lou Reed's song Walk On The Wild Side. She starred in Warhol's Women In Revolt and Trash.
John Giorno is an actor and poet and the lead in the Warhol film Sleep. Giorno is currently a spoken word poet and AIDS activist in New York City.
Penny Arcade starred in Women In Revolt. She is an avant-garde performance artist, actress and playwright residing in New York City.

Taylor Mead is an actor, painter and poet, an East Village icon as well as long standing Warhol Superstar. Mead participated in Warhol films Taylor Meads Ass, Lonesome Cowboys, Imitation Of Christ, Tarzan And Jane Revisited, Nude Restaurant and Couch. Taylor still acts and performs his poetry, which he will share with us this evening. His most recent theatrical role was in the last scene of the Jim Jarmusch film Coffee And Cigarettes.

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