Monday, January 19, 2009

Franklin Park Conservatory in lights by Mark Berger

Columbus photographer Mark Berger took these beautiful images of Franklin Park conservatory in it's lit up splendor. Mark is a regular contributor to innerart. -charlie

Dietrich Neumann, professor of history of art and architecture at Brown University, gave a lecture at Franklin Park in October 2008, where he explored the history of architectural illumination since the introduction of electric light as a "new building material". His lecture showed both historic and contemporary examples and discussed the interesting theoretical debates that accompanied this development. His lecture began with Victorian glass houses, and concluded with Franklin Park Conservatory’s installation of James Turrell’s “Light Raiment” in the John F. Wolfe Palm House.

I spoke with James Turrell on the evening of the opening of this wonderful Light show of the John F. Wolf Palm House, Mr Turrell thought this light display would be even more beautiful if it were photographed in the middles of winter with snow on the ground. This past Thursday it was a -7° outside and I had the opportunity to photograph outside at Franklin Park of the Palm House and thought you might like seeing some of these images. The colors are in the order that they appear in the show.

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