Thursday, January 22, 2009

Read Ragazine C C Expand your Universe!

Ragazine C C, published by Mike Foldes, is a website dedicated to promoting and encouraging activity and communications by artists and art lovers. (A lot like Innerartbits)

Before moving to upstate NY, Mike was a resident of Columbus where he created Ragazine, the magazine, in the early 70s. Some will remember him as an editor, publisher and graphic artist. Many Columbus artists ( as well as others) were contributors to the magazine, and today continue to feed art and articles to the website. They include Larry Hammil, D.R. Goff, Mark Berger and Valery Brown. These same individuals have also appeared in many previous issues of innerart and continue to do so.

So, you see, Ragazine and Innerart have a lot in common! Please check out Ragazine and subscribe.

Thanks, charlie

Ragazine C C

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