Saturday, October 03, 2009

THE Four Bitchin' Babes New CD, DIVA NATION, Now Available!

 Full disclosure here: Sally Fingerett is my sister in law. So, she is also the local girl. I've met all three other Babes and I like 'em too. Fact: this is one bitchin" bunch of divas! (I couldn't help it) Each one is an individual creative seasoned performer. As a group, they soar. Look at their website for lots of info, including touring dates. If you can catch one of their shows, (hurry, they tend to sell out) go for it. It's fun, humorous, musical, innovative, witty and adult. -charlie

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Hello all,
Enjoying the success of their 2006 recording, Hormonal Imbalance ...A Mood Swinging Musical Revue, Babe members Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith, Nancy Moran and Deirdre Flint have once again gone into the recording studio. Armed with a slew of new songs -- along with M & M s, Twizzlers, Chick Filets, and Chardonnay -- they let loose their whimsical, hip and sophisticated girl group harmonies, creating a new project sure to entertain their Babe and Man-Babe fans alike.
Now, as they approach twenty years of concert touring, The Babes are proud to announce the release of their eighth CD entitled, Diva Nation...Where Music, Laughter and Girlfriends Reign!
Producers Sally Fingerett and Debi Smith of Hem and Haw Productions returned to the home of many Bitchin' Babes' projects, Amerisound Studios in Columbus, OH, to work with veteran engineer Dan Green. Possessing a fine appreciation for their signature humor, social observations and poignant ballads, Dan helped create the backdrop to display the Babes' artistry.
Starting with the welcoming anthem, Babesland, each Babe takes a turn in the spotlight, offering up her take on life in "the Nation." From Nancy's sigh of relief in Elastic Waistbands, Sally's demand for Chocolate, Debi's salute to purses in Arm Candy, to Deirdre's emotional need for New Shoes (and her inner guy's need for New Tools, these award-winning songwriters know of what they sing! With musical shout-outs to hardworking gal pals doing the best they can in American Women, Long Lonesome Road and The Happy Song, the Babes also celebrate the soft, The Introvert Song, the demure, (No Such Things As) Girls Like That, the mother/daughter connection These Are The Things, and the hysterical, Viva La Diva.
The Four Bitchin' Babes began in 1990, as the brainchild of folk goddess Christine Lavin, who "just wanted to get together four girlfriends to tour." As cast membership changed and evolved, each incarnation has enjoyed a synergistic and magical chemistry. Their wildly funny, entertaining originality and stellar harmonies have become the hallmark of the Four Bitchin' Babes' music.
On this, their latest CD, The Babes continue that tradition as they take you on a royally hilarious journey to a place where chocolate is a vegetable, wine is in the food pyramid, and shopping for shoes medicinal. Welcome to DIVA NATION, where all songs are sung with pride, attitude and terrific accessories!
“How can funny sound this pretty?” ~Boston Globe
“Together they tell humorously observant tales of modern urban life, and harmonize like a heavenly chorus.” ~Chicago Tribune
“The BABES stir the heart as well as the funny bone” ~Billboard
All the best to you from your Babes,
Sally, Debi, Deirdre, and Nancy

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