Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comfest 2010 T shirt Design Competion is now Open!

ad by Paul Volker

Mark Fisher is a friend and a dedicated Comfest organizer who sent me the following info about the Annual Comfest Tshirt Contest. Owning one of these coveted shirts is a privilege reserved only for Comfest volunteers, and that is the only way to acquire such a T shirt because they are not sold to the general public! Fortunately volunteer opportunities are varried and plenty. We have openings for all kinds of volunteer slots. Most of you already know this, but this major festival is totally driven by volunteers. We get no corporate cash donations (by choice). All funds needed to organize this fabulous one-of-a-kind weekend event come for beer and drink sales and fees from streetfair vendors and community organizations.

The competition for winning this contest iis fierce, but the talent we have attracted in the past has been awesome. Winners will be in the company of some of Columbus' most amazing artists. -charlie

The 2010 Community Festival Tee-Shirt Design Contest occurs Wednesday, March 3 at 7:30 PM.
Bring design to Goodle Park Shelterhouse.

Must have: One-color logo (no gray scales), must include "June 25, 26.27, 2010", "Community Festival", "Goodale Park" and the Hopewell symbol which is on the poster.

Suggested theme: Inspired by Comfest's Statement of Principles which can be seen at
Thanks again.

Below are the Hopewell symbol which must be (an important) part of your design entry. Also shown are some previous winning designs. Hope yours is next year's winner.

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