Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Arts Upstairs "Art and Soul" exhibition

My good friends Alan and Lynn Fliegel, live in Phoenecia, NY, upstate in the mountains, 10 minutes from Woodstock. The area has long been a refuge for many artists who have traded the hussle of the big city for the calmer, mellower life style found here. The monthly art openings at The Art Upstairs have become an important part of the arts and social scene in that enchanted part of the world. It is now also a successful art venue featuring talented and varried artists. The concept is very simple. Any artist can bring on or more pieces for exhibit and pays a very moderate entry fee per piece. A part of each sale goes to maintain and keep the gallery open. This time of the year the mountains are beautiful and an art outing promises a terrific adventure. Go! -charlie

The Arts Upstairs will host an Art lover's love-in in honor of Valentine's Day. The theme is heArt and Soul.  Opening Saturday, February 20th at 6 PM, with a romantic array of goodies and emboldening thirst quenchers.  The solo room featured artist is Verna D'Alto.

The Arts Upstairs, 60 Main Street, Phoenicia   845-688-2142

"Sky Dance" By Verna D'Alto

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