Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowscape Reality

Desolate snowed in street. Shot with iPhone
Looks deceivingly peaceful! Just found out about a 40 car pile up on the major freeway. Scary. The snow is so fine you can hardly see it falling, but each hour adds about an inch and it won't stop snowing until morning. Then comes the wind and high drifts. Oh what fun.
(It is kind of neat how the iPhone created sort of a fisheye-motion effect. )

This beautiful picture of Stan's house was shot with an iPhone again. The real story is: the white car in front right corner, barely visible, is the same car I had been hopelessly trying to move out of that parking spot. Gave up after trying for about one half hour and walked home. It looks calm but the white light is because the  air being saturated with millions of the tiniest sow flakes that have been falling like that for hours. The weatherman promises no let up until morning.  Our cars may not be able to move for days. Anyone out there with spare cross-country skis, snowhoes, or a snow cat? 

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