Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

My good friend Becky Ogden runs the Columbus Music Hall, a quaint live music venture in an old, renovated historic fire house. When she asked Lynn and I to help out with a special New Years Eve event, we agreed. Sounded better than staying home with pizza and TV!
What a delightful, fun evening this turned out to be! The Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra, led by Todd Stoll, provided 4 hours of solid, big band jazz, complete with a boy and girl crooner. Featured guest, Wes "Warm Daddy" Anderson, soared and dazzled us with beautiful solos. Several other Local Jazz luminaries dropped in for impromptu jamming, including the very hip Vaugh Wiester on trombone and Terry Waldo, the world's most knowledgeable ragtime adept. Champagne flowed, goodies were served, everyone toasted in the new year. At 1 am, tables were cleared and breakfast was served to any musician getting off their gig. Many came.
Becky is well recognized for her dedicaion to teaching love of music, especially jazz, to numerous kids in the area. She has turned the Columbus Music Hall into a jazz club and hopes all jazz lovers will come and enjoy live jazz music at its best!

Thanks for a swell time, Becky.
Below are some pictures taken on New Years Eve:Terry Waldo rags a tune

Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra student on sax
Wes "Warm Daddy" blows us all away!
Tod Stoll, CYJO leader
Becky runs the Music Hall
Mizz Mindy sings jazz
Slap dat bass!
Lynn with painting of Gene Walker


Lynn said...

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charbits said...

Thanks for the info, Lynn. I looked at it and it is a great website. But your link to the url isn't working, so I suggest try connecting to this:
Then, go the "fashion in Color"link.