Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remembering Ed Bradley

Arnett Howard shares this personal recollection. Thanks.

One of our national heros passed today, broadcaster and jazzman Ed Bradley.

Pat Connors and I were hanging in my favorite New Orleans bar, Donna's, our first night in town for the 2005 Jazz and Heritage Fest. Ed strolled in during the second set with two, young tenderonies.

They sat at the bar and we all caught two sets with the Danza Quartet, Evan Christopher and Tom McDermot. Of course, since Brothers always speak, we exchaged, "Hey, Blood! Whas' Up?"

I've seen Ed in the Chateau LeMoyne, a charming hotel in the French Quarter and I've seen him onstage playing tamborine with Jimmy Buffet.

The New Orlean Jazz Fest is the world's greatest celebration of life. Hundred of thousands of us make it a priority; that is what Ed and I have in common. Work is fame and fortune; jazz is life.

When I play the Saint's tomorrow with my elementary school kids, I will tell them about him and we'll celebrate his life because ED BRADLEY LIVED!

Here are links to the New York Times story and Jazz At Lincoln Center, a weekly NPR series that Bradley hosted.

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