Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Milo Renewal and Survival?

Note: This message arrived today, 1/2/07. I have read in the last few weeks about the demise of Milo art center, a grand experiment that involved turning an old elementary school into a viable artist's center, providing work and residence space, at an affordable price. The idea was, and still is, great, but support was lacking and it never took off. It did provide some pretty good art experiences. I saw theatre and dance perfomances there, and knew and admired a number of visual artists working out of Milo.

It seems that lots of others think it is worth saving the dream. Current and former residents and art patrons are mouting a monumental effort to save Milo. (see below). If you agree that it should be saved and reborn, come to the event and help out!


Milo Renewal
Rebirth and Progress for the Milo Dream
January 3, 2007

An Exhibition of Arts and Music by Milo Residents and Associates past and present.
The Milo Arts Building
617 East Third Avenue
Columbus 43201
for more information, call 614.294.0450


Anonymous said...

what's up?

Anonymous said...

Watch for the next event entitled Motions we're throwing, Sunday February 25th 5pm - 11pm, come out and show your support!!