Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Welcome Miranda

Hello friends and family,
here is the very first update:

Miranda Anne McNenemy Einhorn ("Mira")

was born Sunday May 27, 2007 at 4 pm, at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Parents tired... but otherwise doing fine. Cordi is a bit confused at all the strange goings-on... but otherwise doing fine. Grandparents are kvelling and grinning ear-to-ear... but otherwise doing fine.

Mom had a long and hard labor, was exhausted when Anne and I saw them at the hospital around 9 pm, Sunday evening, Aaron looked pretty tired also. Mira had been taken to the nursery where they atttached her to an IV, because she and mom both had a fever at birth. The fever went away pretty fast, according to Christina, but they insisted on pumping her with antibiotics as a precaution (?)

We finally saw and held her, after they wheeled her in Christina's room. She weighs 8.7 lbs; bigger and longer than Cordi was at birth, and we all see what a big girl Cordi is. Welcome to your big little sister Mira!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and we've invited friends and family for a cookout in the yard. Cordi is coming here in the morning and stays until Aaron picks her up at the picnic. Mom and Mira stay at the hospital until Wednesday, if all else is OK.

Grandma Anne (Mira's middle name is in her honor- Cordi's is Rose after my mom) has been doing double duty spending almost all her time away from work, watching Cordi and keeping their house together. I and Lynn (Bubbe) try to help as much as we can. This will all settle down soon.

We are beaming and happy as clams. Being grandparents is the best!

See her first pics in this slide show.

Just click on the link below, or copy the link and paste it in your internrt browser. Give it a little time to load and enjoy.

charlie & lynn

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