Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Einhorn Sisters Spotted

Columbus -- Paparazzi have recently glimpsed at the sisters, Cordi (2-year, 10 month-old), Mira (2 month-old), cavorting at the hippest, chic spots around Columbus.

Surrounded by body-guards, aides, sycophants and throngs of adoring admirers, the girls display amazing presence of mind by acting totally natural and happy.

These few rare images displayed below, are available thanks to the intrepid photography by grandpa C.

More images? See a recent slide show, click on link. To advance slide show, 7 images in total, click on any thumbnail or scroll up and down.

(this blog makes it easy to show-off my granddaughters to any and all my relatives and friends, anywhere in the world- as well as to anyone else who happens upon these pages and may happen to admire a grandparent' s pride!- charlie)

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