Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aaron Einhorn appearing in Control Cell - Oct 25-28; Nov 1-4

a note from my son Aaron:

Hey gang,

Just a reminder (or because I mistrust e-mail, in some cases, a first notice) - I'm in another show up here in Columbus – an experiment in un-scripted drama. (Not un-plotted, just un-scripted.) Imagine, if you will, a cross between "No Exit" and "The Prisoner," featuring a hopeless romantic, a nihilist, an opportunist and a paranoid delusional.

From rehearsals it seems like it's going to be really good, and a lot of fun (in a vaguely disturbing way.)

Tickets are based on a sliding scale of what you can afford between $8 and $16 dollars. We open on Friday, October 25 th, and run through Sunday the 28th , then the following weekend, starting Thursday, November 1, and going until Sunday, November 4.

The show will take place at "The Space" in Columbus, Ohio. Directions can be obtained at http://www.foolishbison.com/ .

You can purchase tickets in advance, but seating is all general admission, so get there early!

Feel free to tell friends, family or anyone else who might be interested.

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