Sunday, June 01, 2008

Raconteur Theatre Debut

The message below invites you to experience a production by a brand new theatre company in Columbus. In the spirit of full disclosure, the second play of this two-play presentation is directed by my son, Aaron Einhorn. I saw the play last Friday, also to a full-house, and found it to be short, witty, well-written and well acted. I enjoyed it and recommend you see it for a fine evening of live entertainment.
Watch the trailer!
- charlie

Hello Neighbors!

It's time! Please come out to see After the Afterglow - Raconteur
Theatre's debut production! We opened Thursday night to a full house
and a great audience, and we want to keep the momentum going... please
come out to the show and support Columbus, Ohio's newest theatre company!

* Trailers: see us in video!
* Tickets: please purchase tickets in advance at
* Info about the show:

More info is below. Thank you to all of you who have already purchased
tickets- see you at the show!

Andrew - 410 S. Ohio Ave.

After the Afterglow consists of two short plays that explore love when
it seems to be past its prime. Roulette by Douglas Hill is about
embracing the past when you can't escape it while Aster, Holger Gunn
by Justin Toomey is about learning how to let go.

Tickets are $8. We are performing at Kafé Kerouac in the North Campus
area of Columbus. It's an intimate setting where you can buy a cup of
coffee and enjoy good theatre. Address: 2250 N. High St., 2 blocks
North of Lane Ave. The show runs May 29 - June 14.

by Douglas Hill
Directed by Tricia Jones
Janine: Jill Ceneskie
Matt: JT Walker

Aster, Holger Gunn
by Justin Toomey
Directed by Aaron Einhorn
Holger: Andrew Cronacher
Aster: Molly St Cyr
Duck: Sam Blythe

Remaining Performance Dates:
8 p.m. - Friday, May 30
8 p.m. - Saturday, May 31
2 p.m. - Sunday, June 1
8 p.m. - Thursday, June 5
8 p.m. - Friday, June 6
8 p.m. - Saturday, June 7
2 p.m. - Sunday, June 8
8 p.m. - Thursday, June 12
8 p.m. - Friday, June 13
8 p.m. - Saturday, June 14

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