Monday, August 17, 2009

Current Ragazine C.C. features former Columbus photographer D.R.Goff

In the current issue of Ragazine, my old pal photographer D.R. Goff, former Columbus resident, describes how he (sort of) missed Woodstock in:
by D.R. Goff

Incidentally, I also missed Woodstock (sort of) as I was picking apples and pears on a kibbutz at that time. Funny thing I remember most was how, just a few days earlier, all these kibbutzniks stopped me to congratulate me because they knew my nationality and another (much more famous) American had just walked on the moon.

I had my own near-Woodstock experiences while attending the Atlanta Pop Festival in the following year, when I was back in the States. That was the absolute last of those mega festivals. It was bound to collapse of its own weight. Well over one half million people attended. I have some old photos of those days that I am saving for a near feature.-charlie

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Anonymous said...

D.R. the pic's are great! You seem to have captured the moments... Thanks, Effie